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What Does asdfghjkl Mean? – Cyber Definitions

(Internet slang) Expresses a moment of incoherence due to emotion on the part of the speaker. Synonyms. (expression of …


1) An expression of frustration for IM; Used in desperation when no other words will do. 2) A conversation filler, also in IMing, when no one has said anything …


Listen to Asdfghjkl on Spotify. Jeremy Sosa · Song · 2020.

Asdfghjkl – song and lyrics by Jeremy Sosa

Listen to Asdfghjkl on Spotify. Hardtrip · Song · 2018.

Definicion: asdfghjkl – Diccionario de Urbanismos

Illustration of Jeffrey and Lary the robot. A massive community of programmers just like you. Think of Laracasts sort of like Netflix, but for developers. You …

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